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RPBC Sermons

Mar 31, 2013

Chapters 16 & 20 of the book of John are today's Resurrection Sunday text as Bro. Keith Jacobs brings a message about "The Joy of the Resurrection."

Mar 29, 2013

Our Good Friday service featured singing, preaching, the Lord's Supper, and clips from "The Passion of the Christ" movie. The edited message from Bro. Keith Jacobs is posted here for your edification.

Mar 24, 2013

Our text for this morning is Luke 23:13-25 and 32-43 as Bro. Keith Jacobs preaches on "Three Men, Three Crosses."

Mar 17, 2013

Fresh from his own trip to Israel, Bro. Keith Jacobs brings a message from Luke 9:51-53 about Jesus' focus on the cross.

Mar 10, 2013

Our Minister to Students, Joe Vaughn, leads tonight's study from Matthew 11:5 on "Good News."